Kitchens Designed for Indian Homes

Why Choose Mobel?

  • Superb Factory Finish

  • International Designs

  • 45 days Delivery gurantee

  • Specially Designed For
    Indian Kitchens

  • Made In India

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Mobel Designer Kitchens

  • Straight line kitchen

    High gloss laminate finish with profile handles

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  • Straight line kitchen

    Acrylic laminate finish

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  • L- shaped kitchen

    Matte and high gloss combination

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  • Island kitchen

    High gloss laminate finish

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  • L- shaped kitchen

    PVC laminate finish

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  • L- shaped kitchen

    Solid wood with superior finish

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Mobel Kitchens vs
Made Kitchens

Kitchen is an intimate space of happiness. Designing a kitchen is intimate affair and the pains of traditional carpentry have compelled people to move in an organized direction. A Modular kitchen space is pre-manufactured in a factory setting. You get to choose your design with the help of 3D models and detailed design. It is a cost effective and time bound activity.

  • Neat Design and accurate measurements with seamless execution
  • The end result is exact like the 3D Model
  • Durability and Quality is quite high
  • No mess at the site as it is produced ahead of time and not created on the site
  • Customisation is available as per your taste and budget

Hassle-free process

  • leave an equiry

  • meet the expert

  • seal the deal

  • installation in process

  • kitchen is ready


The major Concern for any Indian home is the Kitchen- its function and the efficiency. Modular Kitchen is a new, modern and innovative solutions for the traditional kitchen setup. It consists of modular cabinets, units, pantry units, pull out shelves , magic corners and many more. Modular kitchen can be assembled and the parts can be repaired as required. It can be customised according to the colour , specifications of the customers. The main advantage of the modular kitchen is that it comes with maximum storage capacity.